I needed something that would make me happy today. And this photo did it – Dr Ruth on the cover of PEOPLE Magazine. I forgot that she covered PEOPLE Magazine. I forgot that there was a time when it wasn’t just Kardashians and Jenners on the cover of magazines. This was 1985 and Dr Ruth was 57 years old, talking to everyone and anyone who would listen about erectile dysfunction and vaginas. She’s 90 now. And did you know she’s working on a new show?!? The NYT just published a piece on her this weekend. Dr Ruth is not retiring. (Dlisted) 

Lil Tay was hanging out with Rick Rubin the other day. And now all of her Instagram posts have disappeared. So is the “youngest flexer of the century” … plotting something? Like when Blake Lively deleted all her IG posts to promote the trailer for a movie no one really cares that much about? Do more people are about Lil Tay? If you don’t know who the f-ck I’m talking about, you’re lucky and I respect you. Because I know wayyyyy too much about Lil Tay and at this point I really don’t know how to fix my life. (Jezebel)

Bend…and snap! Bend…and snap! Wait. What? Another Legally Blonde movie is happening. This is not a remake or a reboot. Reese Witherspoon is coming back along with the original team?! Well, not the entire team. Bruiser isn’t with us anymore, did I just break your heart? Can Legally Blonde continue without Bruiser? Should it? Do you need this? Were you asking for this? (Just Jared) 
Do you miss Prince Harry and Meghan Markle? It won’t be long now. We’ll see them for sure on Saturday at Trooping the Colour. And then Royal Meghan will join the Queen for an entire day, three official events on the schedule. Which is a pretty big deal, non? That already the Queen is taking Meghan on the road? Definitely hosiery that day, right? (Cele|bitchy) 

I was just talking about men in rompers last week and now here’s Antoni Porowski from Queer Eye wearing a romper and he looks so f-cking cute. In fact, the entire cast looks cute in these shots, especially Jonathan Van Ness in those booties. Queer Eye should make over the Middletons. That Middleton style needs a major update. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Have you heard about this Apple tongue detection thing? I don’t get it. Am I supposed to be licking my phone one day? If I lick my phone and you lick your phone while we’re on Facetime are we supposed to feel ourselves licking each other? Am I too old to understand what the f-ck this means? (Mashable)