But like, pronounce it like “Reesee’s Peesees”. Here’s a sidebar fight to start: Do you say “Reese’s Pieces” or do you do the deliberate mispronunciation of “Reesee’s Peesees”? I THINK this might be a north/south thing, because I grew up with “Reesee’s Peesees” in Texas, but it became “Reese’s Pieces” when we moved to Illinois. Anyway! Here is Reese Witherspoon posing with some horses in Los Angeles. 


I can’t completely tell, but I think she might be walking around her neighborhood, Brentwood, where part of the area is zoned for horses. It’s called Sullivan Canyon, it is where the space-conscious old money settled in LA after Hancock Park filled up in the 1920s and new Hollywood money took Los Feliz and new oil money took Bel Air. Many homes have paddocks that sit right on the road, and instead of sidewalks they do have a nice bridlepath, so you can get in your daily steps and stop to pat your neighbor’s horse. It’s a really pretty neighborhood, some excellent Cliff May homes survive intact, and you can hear the clip-clop of horses, which is soothing to me.


And to you, apparently! As Lainey mentioned, we discovered a “Squawk Saddle Club” (credit to Rachel for that excellent moniker) after the announcement of Prince Harry’s forthcoming polo series at The Squawk (subscribe here!). I guess I’m not surprised Reese is a horse girl, enough of one to take photos of someone else’s horses, even. Many of us keep a lid on any horsey interest, I assume because of the horse girl stigma. And as an adult, I just don’t presume people care about the same things I do, but I am already looking forward to Harry’s polo show just to ogle all the polo ponies. 

Though having been involved in the rehab of injured polo ponies on three separate occasions, I hope he devotes some time to the care of the horses. Polo is HARD on the animals, and like racing, there’s a strong argument that we shouldn’t be using horses in this way. As much as we all wish Harry would delve into the gossip of the horse world—so juicy! So many petty rivalries and so much backstabbing!—I doubt he will. But maybe he’ll devote a little time to advocating for the care and protection of sport horses?