Reese Witherspoon was at the premiere of Home Again last night in LA. The movie opens on September 8 which is not as sh-tty as opening on Labour Day weekend but it’s not usually a weekend that gives us a lot to be excited about. And perhaps not usually a weekend you’d expect to see a name like Reese Witherspoon’s? I wonder though if that weekend might actually work in Home Again’s favour. Specifically this movie. About a single mother of two who hooks up with a much younger man. Like does Back To School have anything to do with it? Summer can feel looooooong for parents, right? Maybe Home Again is hoping that it might be able to tap into a parent’s September relief?

Home Again is the directorial debut of Hallie Meyers-Shyer. She also wrote the screenplay. The movie is produced by Nancy Meyers. You know Nancy Meyers. The first movie Nancy Meyers wrote was Private Benjamin. She also wrote Baby Boom. And The Parent Trap. Father Of The Bride (and the sequel). And Something’s Gotta Give. And It’s Complicated. I’m sure you’ve seen at least one, if not all, of these movies. And some of them many, many times. I’m pretty sure I could imitate every Steve Martin facial expression from Father Of The Bride. Which is why Home Again feels so familiar. It comes from the Nancy Meyers School Of Film. The kitchen will be gorgeous. You will recognise the neighbourhood. And, probably, Reese will be living in your dream house.

And walking in and out of her dream house will be Candice Bergen, two children, and Michael Sheen. Seriously, I want to hate this movie and but I’ve been programmed not to. And – oh yeah right – Reese Witherspoon’s making out with a really beautiful young man. That’s it. It’s futile to resist.