Regina King is one of PEOPLE’s People of the Year. No debate on this one, right? And she may be one of the People of Next Year too because of her work directing One Night in Miami, one of the contenders for Best Picture. Regina just might receive a Best Director Oscar nomination (to go along with her Best Supporting Actres Oscar) and make history. Also she looks amazing in this white sweater dress, I want it. (Cele|bitchy) 


The Kardashians are cancelling their Christmas party this year because… you know. And the big takeaway for me here is that this has been a 40 year tradition?! Seriously? I know they had a life before the television show but I also think this is a way of them trying to suggest that their Hollywood legacy is some kind of history or something and that they haven’t just been around since Instagram. (Dlisted) 

Kristen Stewart was on her own at the latest Chanel Métier d’Art collection in France, which was COVID-compliant, and I love the look of this collection. I love all the leggings. Virginie Viard has really don’t a great job taking over the House and introducing her own vibe while maintaining the consistency of the label. So many of these pieces reminded me of Beth Harmon, and it’s not just the chessboard print. I don’t think this was necessarily inspired by her because the timing doesn’t fit but couldn’t you just see Beth from The Queen’s Gambit in so much of this? (Go Fug Yourself)

Someone on Twitter suggested that a lesbian Die Hard movie get made about a woman going on a rampage to save her wife and that Charlize Theron should do it and she’s down so, presumably, if Charlize is the John McClane character, who plays her wife? I nominate Sandra Oh. Also it’s time to watch Die Hard, first and second, because YES, they are holiday movies. (Pajiba) 

Did you watch the Euphoria special episode on Sunday night? It’s the first of two and this one focuses on “Rue”. I have it on the DVR and I’m going to get to it soon tomorrow night and I already knew I would be into it because I’m so into the show but The Ringer’s headline confirms it. (The Ringer)