Regina King is the reigning Best Supporting Actress Oscar winner. When you win an Oscar, that’s how you are introduced wherever you go – Regina King, Oscar winner. She was at the Emmys last night, and she’s won a few Emmys, but even at the Emmys, the Oscar mention came first. The Emmys, then, is her victory lap kickoff. She’ll be at almost every award show from now until February, ending at the Oscars, where she will return to crown the next Best Supporting Actor, per tradition. 

This is an excellent start to her victory tour, even though this is never my favourite colour. Whatever you want to call it – periwinkle, sea foam, baby blue – it’s still too prom for me, as far as prom has come. And yet, on her, in this dress, it’s not annoying, not at all. Mostly because this colour just pops off of her, so vibrant and electric, like she’s her own energy source, but also because it’s purposefully not cutesy. The addition of that harness, though not as extreme as other harnesses we’ve seen over the last year, makes a difference, makes it feel like it’s not quite meant for prom or bridesmaid. And I love how that high collar increases her natural stateliness. Her name, after all, is Regina King – a double regal, she’s a Queen and a King. And she wears that neckline like a monarch. 

At the after-party though, the sovereign puts on a party suit. LOOK AT REGINA IN THIS SUIT!