It is very late and lazy to be using “what can’t Regina King do?!” as a framework for a piece – I mean, late in the night, but especially late in her recent run of media domination, even if One Night in Miami didn’t get any recognition last night. 


But I have a much more shallow angle, which is that Regina King has done the impossible sartorially. On a night where nobody really cared about the fashion – or at least, not everyone was pulling out their A-game in the same way, she did this: 


Not only is she stunning in that Louis Vuitton, she got me to admit that there are *some* off-the-shoulder styles that can be amazing. If the fit is like that, and you’re wearing the hell out of it and the hair and makeup is the perfect nod to ‘yes we’re staying home, but I’m still absolutely amazing’, who’s gonna complain? 


Of course, the online discourse had nothing to do with the stunning dress or my finally getting on board with a trend I should have given over to years ago, and everything to do with this: 


The theme for the night continues to be, we have to find our joys where we can, and they mostly come from people in beautiful clothes just loving the hell out of their dogs. As it should be.