Chris Cuomo has been making a lot of headlines. Last month we were talking about his near daily updates with his brother, Governor Andrew Cuomo and their hilarious rapport. Now it’s about how he walked through his wife’s yoga shot naked and … I guess now some people are thirsting over him. So is he going to address it on his show tonight? How do you think his kids feel about all of us talking about their nude dad? (Dlisted) 


So many publication heads have been stepping down. The latest is the EIC of Bon Appetit. (Cele|bitchy) 

Who knows when we’ll see another red carpet. Which means that we won’t be seeing Billy Porter on a red carpet very soon. So let’s revisit as many Billy Porter red carpet moments as possible, including the Tony Awards from last year. (Go Fug Yourself) 

I really love this question and it’s one we should all be asking ourselves: “If you oppose the violence of protests, ask yourself what kind of peace reigned before”. Who does that specific version of “peace” benefit? Or, rather, is a certain form of “peace” in and of itself selective and exclusive? (Pajiba) 

I feel like this is a knowledge gap for me: the socially distant selfie – like is it taking a selfie over Zoom or House Party? I don’t get it! Explain to me because I’m OLD. (The Mary Sue)