Have you read the allegations against Ryan Seacrest by his former stylist that were published yesterday in Variety? Ryan tried to get ahead of the story in November and a few weeks ago E! said they conducted their own internal investigation that found no wrongdoing. He continues to deny that he did anything wrong. But Variety went ahead with their report anyway and I’m assuming it’s because they find Suzie Hardy credible. I do too. Especially in how she articulates her concerns as a single mother and why the job was valuable to her, in spite of what she had to endure. Also the detail about Ryan being “near-tearful” during one of their exchanges. It reads as textbook manipulation. (Dlisted)  

There’s been all kinds of speculation this week that Meghan Markle’s wedding dress will be Alexander McQueen, just as it was for Princess Kate. Really? Would you? Because that would automatically invite comparison, right? Whose McQueen was better? But this is what the bookies are saying. I generally always believe what people are betting because betting is based on gossip. Someone heard something from her hair dresser and told her friend who told her husband who called up the bookie and so on. That said, it could also be a massive decoy to throw people off the scent. Or maybe someone with actual knowledge wanted to increase the odds and floated the McQueen rumour so that when their winning designer comes through, it’s bank! (Cele|bitchy) 

Revisiting Brad Pitt’s love life is always a fun game. But there are some names on here that I don’t buy. Like Julia Ormond. Or maybe that’s because of Gwyneth Paltrow. Legend has it that G auditioned for Julia’s part in Legends Of The Fall. She wasn’t right of the role but Brad was so taken with her that he recommended her for Se7en. And you know the rest. How come I don’t remember Brad and Demi Moore? (Pop Sugar)

I love Kayleigh Donaldson’s first sentence off the top of this essay about buying a piece of clothing inspired by the style of Sienna Miller. I remember being obsessed with everything she wore in Alfie and Layer Cake even though I haven’t seen either movie in years and can’t really remember a single outfit. But it was a flavour that Sienna represented back then, non? (Pajiba) 

“Now this is a story all about how…” the Fresh Prince Of Bel Air is being rebooted. Before you say NOOOOOOOOOOO, what if I tell you that it won’t be a prince but a princess? Will that make a difference? I need to sit on this for a minute before I can decide whether or not this is a bullsh-t idea. Also I might need you to tell me what to think of it. (TMZ) 

Taiki Waititi has a very specific skill. I mean he has a lot of skills, which you already appreciate if you’ve seen his films but there’s another skill that might help him with all those work skills which is the ability to fall asleep anywhere. And there are a lot of photos documenting this talent. I, too, am a good sleeper. I can fall asleep in any moving vehicle. Most of the time, on airplanes, I fall asleep even before takeoff. If a car ride is any longer than 20 minutes, I’m usually out if I’m not the one driving. I once slept through an air show. Have I mentioned this before? It’s because I’m so proud of it. Taiki and I are sleep soulmates. (AV Club)