During Golden Globes weekend, Rian Johnson teased us with the news that he is developing a sequel to Knives Out, and now, following a Lionsgsate earnings call, studio chief Jon Feltheimer confirmed the studio has greenlit a sequel, which is hardly surprising given the movie’s success as it will cross $300 million worldwide this weekend, and the production start might even be “imminent”. The Benoit Blanc Cinematic Universe lives! Apparently, it lives RIGHT NOW!

Knives Out is a locked-door mystery in a classic setting: the big weird house. Other classic murder mystery settings include the lavish yacht, the vintage train, the windswept moors, the country house/castle, and the grand hotel. Where would you like to see the next Benoit Blanc mystery unfold? The country house/castle is a little close to the setting of Knives Out, and Kenneth Branagh’s Poirot movies have done/are doing trains and boats. My vote is for the grand hotel, inevitable comparisons to Wes Anderson be damned, but I hope to, eventually, see Benoit Blanc solve murders in all the classic murder mystery locales. (I would also like for The New Yorker to publish that fake profile, dammit!) Over the last few years we have gotten a John Wick universe, What We Do in the Shadows universe, and now, a Knives Out universe. What did we do to deserve this?