Have you seen Parenthood, the movie? If you haven’t, watch it. If you have, I want you to picture Rick Moranis, interrupting his wife’s class, singing “Close to You” to get her back. OK so putting aside the fact that you should not interrupt your partner at her workplace to apologise, OFFSET, the look on his face… I’m asking you to remember the look on his face. And now think about what you want to do to the f-cking asshole who just randomly walked up to that face and punched it the other day in New York. I’m getting real creative with the revenge fantasy in my mind. (Dlisted)


Twitter got real creative with revenge fantasies too. Here is a collection of reaction tweets to the news that some asshole just clocked Rick Moranis and I was about to say “for no reason” at the end of that sentence but that would be obvious because what could possibly be the reason?! So, yes, that Avengers tweet is correct. We should all assemble to f-ck this guy up. (Pajiba)  

The new Balmain collection featured a lot of pointy shoulders and neon. To be honest though, my eye wasn’t on the clothes. All I was drawn to was the sight of Olivier Rousteing in a baggy suit, sitting on a stool, watching models in his designs walk by. He is so beautiful. (Go Fug Yourself)  

This link is for Emily, our site manager, who suffers from migraines. And also for my husband, Jacek, as he too gets migraines. I am fortunate that I don’t have a migraine problem but I have seen first-hand how debilitating they are and… surprise, it turns out that the pandemic has contributed to a 20% increase in them. It’s stress, anxiety, homeschooling, staring at a screen all day, Zoom calls. It’s so much. Here are some useful tips to help combat them. (Cele|bitchy)  

Have I ever mentioned that geography was one of my best subjects in middle school? I can remember a lot of countries, so I got 9/10 on this geography quiz that also combines spelling. Nerd out. (Buzzfeed)