I haven’t been to a grocery store in a long time. I do, however, try to make it to the butcher every weekend and when I do… this is not what I look like. I actually don’t look at what I look like because it’s a real bummer: hair stuck to my sweaty forehead, face drawn and pale, probably crust in my eyes since I always go on weekend mornings, on foot, and I get teary from the wind in my face. So…with that mind…


Here’s Rihanna picking up some groceries yesterday looking cute as f-ck. I love this whole vibe. I LOVE that tropical pyjama shirt, styled to expose her bra and her boxers, over a denim skirt. I can’t remember the last time I wore a denim skirt, and I’m not about to start, but this look works the same way over denim shorts, or boyfriend jeans. And even though she’s put together, there’s still a breezy effortlessness about it at the same time. She’s feeling it too. Her body language is all confidence. 

Rihanna’s been seen quite often the last few weeks. At least once a week if not more in LA, out for dinner mostly, in one good fit after another. With friends and/or relatives but no ASAP Rocky. I don’t think she’s been papped with him since January. Not that it means anything – Rihanna’s pretty undercover when it comes to her love life and she and Hassan Jameel would go months and months without a sighting during their relationship. Do you have a feeling about this though? 


I’m sure she’d rather we think about something else. Like the new Fenty Beauty Eaze Drop. I don’t usually pay that much attention to foundation because I don’t wear it. Foundation never sits right on my skin which is why I just use tinted sunscreen. It absorbs and it evens me out and I barely feel it, so I don’t have to worry about that extra layer that always LOOKS like it’s makeup and not just my skin. The reason I’m interested in Eaze Drop though is because they’re calling it a “skin tint” and this is the word that’s really caught my eye: “blurred”. Right? It’s designed for light coverage with a blurring effect, so nothing seems painted in all one shade but goes on so that skin actually looks like skin. Have you tried it yet? I think I might.