Rihanna was in Paris last week for Fashion Week with A$AP Rocky and stayed because Rocky was performing at Le Gala des Pièces Jaunes where she was in the audience for the show. As mentioned in my last post about RiRi, there are people on social media who’ve been trying to rumour that she’s pregnant again. 


I wonder if she heard about it, because her fits over the last couple of nights have been all body-ody-ody. 


The Gala des Pièces Jaunes supports the Hospital Foundation’s work with hospitalised children and adolescents. While Rihanna was not a featured guest at the event, she did stop for a brief interview to talk about the significance of the evening. This is a good example of how she manages her celebrity. She is RIHANNA, few are bigger than Rihanna. But she also seems so much more accessible than some of her peers at that level. You put a microphone in front of her and she will talk! Not always but not never either.


And it was a truly global stage. In addition to Rocky, Pharrell was also there, and J Balvin, Ibrahim Maalouf, Maroon 5, and Stray Kids, and also Lisa from BLACKPINK who wore a custom gold Loewe bodysuit – look at this fit!


But what really popped off is what Lisa posted afterwards – a shot of herself with Rihanna… 

It’s the meeting of two fandoms, the Navy and the Blinks. Our queens!