Rihanna and A$AP Rocky stepped out Wednesday night for dinner at Carbone in New York. Did you see what she said at the Met Gala when asked how she was feeling?


“It’s Valentino, baby!” @Rihanna just pulled up to the Met Gala in a floral bridal number, a poignant move since Karl Lagerfeld would always close his shows in this way. Especially when the singer was the last star to walk the carpet. Tonight, she wears a gown by @Valentino which is covered by a Camellia jacket – the official flower of Chanel, where Lagerfeld was creative director for 36 years. 🎥: @anthunesarth #metgala #metgala2023 #redcarpet #celebrity #style #costumeinstitute #themet #trending #viral #fyp #rihannanavy #karllagerfeld #rihanna #riri #asaprocky #asap #rocky #valentino

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Which is also the description for her fit last night – very expensive in a long leather coat over a leather mini over thigh-high leather boots, continuing to serve looks after shutting down the carpet, literally, on Monday at the Met. 

As we saw, RiRi and Rocky were super late, as usual. The thing about Rihanna though is that she puts in the time. She and Rocky may have been the last to arrive but they were also the last to go home. They hit up the afterparty but then, at 5am, they hit up a diner with her BFF Melissa Forde where they stayed for two hours… and by the time they left, presumably to go home, finally, it was fully morning  – the sun was out, people were on their way to work. And RiRi and Rocky were only just heading back to their place. They keep their own schedule, and for Rihanna, that schedule is almost always not in line with anyone else’s timetable… with one notable exception. 


She was on time for the Super Bowl, and I’m mentioning it today because they released the updated ratings for her halftime show and it’s official now: Rihanna’s is the most-watched halftime show of all time. 


Back to RiRi and Rocky though, just to wrap up their Met Gala 2023, even though I will never get tired of looking at them and looking at the way he looks at her… and I’m not the only one who is obsessed. People on social media picked up on the fact that he was walking around with her lipstick on his face:


And that’s not the only time. This is a trend for him:

Rocky’s repping Fenty, too.