Rihanna stepped out last night at the launch party for the Fenty x Puma Creeper Phatty wearing a big purple fur to match her kicks. The Creepers were always popular and now that she’s brought them back, I’m sure it’ll be the same. 


There’s a strong retro vibe with the Phattys, like late 90s/early 2000s energy. I think I come in three colour-ways and I think I might want the black. Which I’m sure Jacek, who is posting today and reading this, will approve of because he happens to be a Puma guy. His shoe rack is basically just Puma. 

What I appreciate so much about Rihanna and I’ve said this before is how accessible she is when she’s promoting her own sh-t. She wasn’t just there to pose for photos, she actually did the press line and stopped to talk to reporters, several of them. It looks like she also gave them time – you can tell in this interview with Access Hollywood. RiRi wasn’t in a rush to get out of there, she was doing her job, and in doing her job she made it so that the reporter could do their job. 


Also this is just a really cute and fun conversation. 

Of course she was also asked about new music. Her answer? No commitment but also a little gift for her Navy. 

Nobody knows what that means but it’s enough for her fans to occupy themselves with hope for the next few months. 


While Rihanna was working on the carpet, Rocky was patiently waiting for her off to the side. I love this about them. I love that we have seen over the years they’ve been together that he understands who she is in the culture, he knows that while he is successful in his own right, SHE IS RIHANNA. And it’s not a problem for his ego. Like I wish I didn’t have to point this out, I wish it could be so ordinary for a man to be totally chill about not being the bigger deal in a relationship, but we’re not there yet. We are far from there. So for the baddest bitch in the business to be supported by a dude who confidently stands at her side, and consistently, it’s such a great look, not just for her but for everyone. Like it makes him even hotter! 


Look at them, having so much fun together at the party last night, seemingly as in love as ever, as happy as they’ve ever been. Thank you, 2023, for protecting Rihanna and Rocky. Please 2024, can you please keep it the same?