Busy weekend for Rihanna and A$AP Rocky in New York this weekend. And they brought out the babies. One of those babies is celebrating his second birthday – RZA’s party happened at Color Factory and the whole family coordinated in denim for the event. RZA’s little brother, Riot, was also there, and the thing about Rihanna is that she’s not usually super precious about camera phones and privacy so we’re getting all kinds of footage on social media from the gathering. 


Here they are, all the Rs, posing for photos (second to last slide): 


There’s a lot of cuteness through that carousel, flip through if you can. I am obsessed with Riot’s ripped jeans. They’re making designer baby jeans that are distressed now! 

That was Saturday. On Sunday they left the babies at home and went out for dinner for Mother’s Day. Rihanna’s serving in Comme Des Garçons so it’s kinda like, we didn’t get her at the Met Gala but she’s making up for it with all her appearances since. 


It looks like they arrived in a classic taxi too – with special seats in good condition so I wonder if this was rented for the occasion, just to set the mood, something different for RiRi just for Mother’s Day, instead of riding around the way they usually do, in SUVs. Which… makes sense, when you consider that she already has everything, so little experiences like this to keep it fresh and fun are the way to actually surprise her? Was Rocky the one who thought of this?