We begin with an enduring couple – Rihanna and Rocky who stepped out for dinner at Wally’s this weekend. And not Giorgio Baldi? Maybe it’s a question of location? Because this was the same night Rocky was at the LACMA gala, as Sarah mentioned in her post earlier. But Rihanna was not with him.


Maybe she didn’t feel like going. Maybe she didn’t want to leave their kids for too long. Maybe she just didn’t want to wear Gucci, lol. All of those are equal and distinct possibilities. Whatever the reason, RiRi hung back while Rocky went to get his celebrity hang on and met up with him afterwards for a proper meal on their own. That’s a fourth option for why she didn’t join him – the food at these events isn’t to her standard.


While RiRi and Rocky have been a power couple for a few years now, a new couple on the scene stepped out this weekend in New York. There have been rumours for over a year about Jennifer Hudson and Common and neither one has addressed it directly but here they are holding hands on their way to a show on Saturday which, at least from what I’ve seen, is the most evidence we’ve seen in the form of a photo that they are indeed together. We already knew but now we can officially mark in the confirmed column. Both are Oscar winners. JHud is an EGOT winner and Common as an Emmy, Grammy, and Oscar. He’s a Tony away from joining her as an EGOT. A new power couple indeed.