Guess where Rihanna had dinner last night. By now you don’t have to guess, right? Nine times out of ten, maybe even more, Rihanna will have dinner at Giorgio Baldi – or she’ll pick up her dinner at Giorgio Baldi, which is what she did last week and they sent her food on nice plates instead of takeout boxes because they knew she’d be back. 


And when she returned she came with Rocky and the baby, who at one point did the paparazzi a favour and gave them a smile. Like, I’m not much of a baby person and even I can’t with this muffin – he is too cute, it is too much. What did I tell you about Rihanna passing on her rock star hours and rock star lifestyle to her child?!

We’ve been seeing more and more of this lately. Rihanna took her baby to the studio recently from night to morning and now she’s bringing him along when she needs her pasta fix in person. As I noted last week when she picked up her food via drive-thru, it could have been because she didn’t feel like getting hair and makeup ready to eat. Obviously that wasn’t a factor this time because everything is working from top to bottom – the sheer dress under the Wu-Tang jersey and all the accessories and strappy heels, RiRi is always putting on a fashion show. And, you will note, the show involves all three of them, because she, Rocky, and the baby are all coordinated in black and white.