Rihanna was in Barbados yesterday because they named a street after her: Rihanna Drive. She’s from Barbados, as you know, but as far as I’m concerned, they could name a street after her in every country. I mean, it’s Rihanna. 

Yesterday I happily spent part of my day on a Twitter thread that my colleague Blair sent over. The entire thread is about what Rihanna did almost every day this year. Seriously. It’s riveting. And since it’s Friday and you might want to f-ck around a little, I’m sharing it with you now, even though I originally intended to save it for Smutty Social Media:

So it’s not like Rihanna’s been hiding all year. She hasn’t at all. She’s actually been rather visible. She’s launched several projects, including her very successful makeup line. Does it feel like she’s been in our faces a lot though? Despite the fact that it’s possible to dedicate an entire Twitter thread documenting what she’s done almost every day this year, does it feel like oversaturation? Because to me, even though we did see Rihanna around, it still seemed like she wasn’t around enough. And that’s a specific skill – to be present but still mysterious. Rihanna has a whole secret life. We know this because it was months before we found out she was dating billionaire Hassan Jameel. Since then, she’s continued to keep their relationship super undercover. Maybe more undercover than she’s ever been with any of her boyfriends? If that’s the case, does it mean that this is as serious as it’s ever been? 

If Rihanna was busy but still low-keyish in 2017, what does 2018 look like? I’m excited for her in 2018. Ocean's 8 is coming out in 2018. There have been rumours that she’s been working on an album. What if she drops her new album to coincide with Ocean's 8? Ocean's 8 comes out on June 8, just four weeks after the MET Gala. The MET Gala is part of the Ocean's 8 storyline. And Rihanna always, always storms the MET Gala. Which could mean that Rihanna’s 2018 MET Gala look could be even more extra and more life than all of her previous MET Galas. As for her love life in 2018… part of me wants desperately to see what it would be like if Rihanna had to plan a wedding but another part of me wants Rihanna to be the girl who doesn’t give a sh-t about weddings. 

Anyway, in other Rihanna news. And Rihanna news is pretty much just straight up awesomeness – this: