As I’ve been mentioning all day, as it’s been for a few years now, ever since they started it, Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s annual Gold Party after the Oscars has become THE destination for celebrities. And this year so many of them stayed out super late. The paps were still shooting exits from the event at 5am on Monday morning. 


That includes Rihanna who showed up in a sheer and sequined dress – and while much of the discussion during her pregnancy has been about her style, and how she’s elevated the pregnant celebrity fashion game, I feel like we should also talk about her pregnancy energy. Because she has not adjusted her schedule from before she was pregnant. 

Rihanna is still going out for dinner, still dining at Giorgio Baldi, her favourite. Still going out period. And late. Later than people who aren’t about to have a baby. Which means that, basically, she’s not changing her lifestyle. Like she’s not smoking or drinking but she’s definitely not staying home. 

And before you get mad and start yelling, I’m not saying that every pregnant person can and should do the same, you do what you want when you’re pregnant, that’s your call, not mine. What I’m saying is that that is exactly what Rihanna is doing – what she wants, the same whether she’s pregnant or not. Still partying, still styling, which to me is super refreshing because in our society I do think there continues to be a policing around women’s behaviour around pregnancy and parenthood. “She shouldn’t be doing that” or “she really should be doing this”. Rihanna clearly doesn’t subscribe to that chat.