Dear Gossips,  

As I mentioned yesterday, this year’s Oscars were a return to the Oscars as we always knew them which applies to the event itself and the spectacle of the red carpet but also the entire Oscars weekend – the party circuit was back on full blast. As The Hollywood Reporter noted, “things are so back to normal that people everywhere were saying it felt like “the before times”, as in 2020”.


So about those parties then… 

The tradition is that the Governors Ball happens first, at the same venue as the Oscars, and then everyone heads to Vanity Fair. It used to be that Vanity Fair was the most exclusive event to go to – and it is indeed still very well attended. But it’s no longer the most exclusive…that’s why most people don’t stay all night there. The one everyone wants an invitation to is Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s Gold Party where the expectation is that, unlike Vanity Fair, no photos, no videos. There is no carpet, no photo wall, at the Carters’ party. And that actually benefits Vanity Fair, because these people are thirsty, and they want to get their picture taken. The whole point is to be seen that night. 

Which is why THR’s report on the Vanity Fair party is so hilarious because it details just how long the queue was on the blue carpet, as almost all the celebrities who showed up to Vanity Fair had to wait for the opportunity to get photo taken. There are exceptions of course. Those who show up with a fresh Oscar get to jump the line, like the Everything Everywhere All At Once team. And Cate Blanchett, who did not win but, well, she’s Cate Blanchett. This, then, becomes a snapshot of Hollywood hierarchy, separating the levels of celebrity within the ecosystem. 


Rihanna did not attend the Vanity Fair party. She did, however, change several times. There were the two outfits that Duana referenced yesterday – her red carpet look and her performance look – but then backstage she changed into a green Bottega Veneta wrap and skirt and, for Beyoncé’s Gold Party, she was seen in a studded bra, belly chain, and matching bottom under a pink coat, once again demonstrating that her style will always be superior, whether or not she’s pregnant. And also that even when she’s pregnant, she is down for the party. 

More on the parties to come later today. 

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