Remember when Duana and I, on the last episode of Show Your Work, talked about Emmy campaigns? And how the budgets are getting bigger than the Oscar campaigns? This probably did not cost a lot of money, if any money at all. But what they’re offering cannot be bought. It’s an excellent strategy, I guess? And it might get even better if, somehow, they can involve Jennifer Aniston. (Dlisted)

What does it say about a relationship when one person is staying at the other’s place when the other person isn’t even there? That’s what we’re reading into Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s situation now. I mean in real life, that’s like giving someone a key to your apartment. In royal life, that’s basically giving someone a key… to your castle, right? (Cele|bitchy) 

Chris Pratt is shirtless, catching a football. Does this do anything for you? It doesn’t do much for me, but then again, I’m not big on Chris Pratt. Actually, I’m not all that big on any of the Chrises. That said, Chris Pratt, after the success of Wonder Woman, may be lagging behind Chris Pine on the Top Chris List. So do these pictures do anything for his standing? Or are we still at Chris Status Quo? What, exactly, is Chris Status Quo? Have we even come to an agreement yet? (Pop Sugar)

Have you seen the John Wicks? As in both movies? John Wick becomes John Wick again because of his dog and his car. John Wick gets hit by a lot of cars. Every time he gets hit by a car he gets up and keeps fighting. Because he’s John Wick … and you are supposed to tremble when you hear his name. You’re supposed to secure your assets, send all your goons out to die by his hand, or pencil. Or gun. Or knife. And get the f-ck out because he will come for you. Is this the real life John Wick? (Pajiba) 

Rihanna is in Spain. She’s in a pool. And you might be all like, yeah, whatever, I’ve seen Rihanna in a pool before. But how about Rihanna in Spain in a pool getting devoured by what looks to be a really hot guy? Are you even still reading this? Because if you are… he does look hot, right? Like in a soccer player kind of way? But not the Cristiano Ronaldo kind of soccer player? More like Iker Casillas. Please note, this is not Iker Casillas, obviously. (TMZ) 

Cryptic messages on social media. Direct quotes from Han Solo. Personnel problems abound. Damage control not successful. But what does it all mean?!? It means it’s all a mess. And maybe the solution is this: just get Donald Glover to take control. Why hasn’t this happened already? (The Hollywood Reporter)