Rihanna made a quick trip to Vegas on Tuesday, surprising people at Ulta Beauty with an unannounced appearance. This is Rihanna doing business – and it’s been like this since she launched Fenty Beauty, which is part of why the brand has been such a smash hit success. The products are great, no doubt, but she shows up for them. We’ve seen her get hands-on with fans and customers at launches, applying makeup on people herself; she goes to the store openings; not only does she understand the power of her presence, she’s not precious about her presence. 


I’m not going so far as to say that Rihanna is accessible… because, of course, she’s RIHANNA, but she’s not inaccessible either. And that’s part of the magic of Fenty. People believe that Fenty and Rihanna are inextricably linked, that she’s intimately involved with all aspects of the brand, that it is not just about her slapping her name on something, like Jennifer Lopez and her alcohol spritzers. The reason why Fenty Beauty is the platinum standard of celebrity branding is because there’s never been any doubt that it is an authentic extension of Rihanna herself. 

So here she is in Vegas, once again serving a great fashion moment, and charming the f-ck out of the crowd


The way @rihanna surprised y’all with not one, but TWO TikTok LIVEs yesterday!!! 🤩😮‍💨🔥 Muva stays serving all the hawtest tea to our #FentyFam 🍵 Watch til the end to see her leak the news about our NEWEST drop 👉🏽 #GLOSSBOMBHEAT in #GlassSlipper 💎✨🤍

♬ original sound - Fenty Beauty

Let’s not forget the whole point here is the product. I need to try some of this gloss. 

So that was Tuesday. Yesterday RiRi was back in LA. She and Rocky were seen shopping for kids' things, in coordinated fits, obvs, before heading for dinner, at Giorgio Baldi, obvs.