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Here’s what I’m most excited about in this video: the coat she’s wearing (obsessed) that she’s wearing over cut off jeanshorts (love) and … the Cheetos. I’ve been squinting at this video for 10 minutes trying to figure out if she’s got a bag of original or jalapeno cheese. I change my mind all the time about which one is my favourite. The original is always good to go. But the jalapeno is such a great kick without overpowering the amazing taste. That’s my problem with the flaming hot version. It’s just hot. Which is fine, I can handle the hot. But there’s no art to the hot. So what’s the point? This post was not sponsored by Cheetos but I wish it was. Because I have been a lifelong fan and I would be an excellent ambassador, although now that they’ve found Rihanna, they would never give a sh-t about me. (Dlisted) 

This week on the White House Game Of Thrones… and it’s only Monday. I was hoping that the Mooch could be Jorah Mormont. But Jorah lives (thanks to f-cking Princess Diana Sam Tarly) and the Mooch has now been deleted. So… who is Jorah now? Kellyanne Conway? (Jezebel) 


Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles went golfing. I’m pretty sure they were at Northview which is a course just outside of Vancouver, in Surrey. I’ve played there. I sucked there. But this is really just an excuse to tell you about a shot I made this weekend on another golf course. It was on the par 3, 15th hole. I hit a 6-iron, made perfect contact, resulting in a gorgeous ball flight, and my ball hit the flag and landed maybe 6 inches from the cup. Tap-in for birdie! Please note that the rest of my round was all bogeys, doubles, and triples. (Just Jared) 

Princess Charlene of Serenity looks great in this jumpsuit. It’s Versace. And since it’s Versace, I feel like it’s intentional, the way my eyes are being drawn to the area between her legs. Right? Or am I just a dirtbag? She also doesn’t look like he disgusts her. As we’ve seen, she hasn’t looked like he disgusts her in a long time. So maybe he actually doesn’t disgust her anymore. Or she’s getting really good at her job. (Cele|bitchy)

I don’t mind Kelly Ripa’s black bra. And I quite like the fit of this t-shirt. The length of the skirt doesn’t bother me either. It’s a good outfit. But … is it a good outfit on grass? At an event where you’re walking on grass? We have long accepted sequins on ice. Will there ever be a time when sequins on grass will be as normal as sequins on ice? Like at a show jumping event, will the riders all be in sequins? What about dressage? Are there sequins in dressage? (Go Fug Yourself) 

I went to see Atomic Blonde this weekend. It’s so… MOOD. I love the mood. As Jacek noted afterwards, 90% of the movie involves someone drinking or smoking or both. And if no one’s drinking or smoking or both, they’re beating the sh-t out of each other. In one scene, Charlize Theron slams a freezer door in some prick’s face. This is what I keep replaying in my mind – the satisfaction of slamming a freezer door in a prick’s face. The problem is that no one would believe it if they were to see me slamming a freezer door in a prick’s face. You 100% believe Charlize though. There is never any doubt about her abilities during the course of this movie. Anne Helen Petersen wrote about how Charlize arrived at this point in her career. And why she’s not here for your f-cking approval. (Buzzfeed) 

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