Not sure if you caught this in the site open yesterday but there was a version of the Oscar multiverse that would have involved Rihanna sitting in the audience during Jimmy Kimmel’s monologue with her baby in her lap. Didn’t end up happening but I wonder whether or not that had to do with why Rihanna was late. Maybe her son just wasn’t in the mood and she had to change plans. Maybe she changed plans because she thought better of putting him front and center like that, considering how obsessed everyone already is with her, her pregnancy, and her child whose name she and Rocky have still yet to reveal. Or maybe… she was just late. It’s not like she hasn’t ever been late before. 


Yesterday RiRi and Rocky stepped out for lunch and some shopping. As usual the outfit is excellent – a rugby shirt but informally cropped, which just might become a new style hack, over baggy jeans,  construction boots, and an LV hard clutch. Now that she’s wrapped up the Super Bowl and the Oscars, Rihanna has an open schedule, is free to do her thing, and if her second pregnancy is anything like her first, it means she’ll be seen more often than not – running errands, at Giorgio Baldi for dinner, late night walks, and maybe even the occasional party. Like almost right up to her due date. 

Rocky doesn’t yet have any tour dates but he did announce back in December that his new album, Don’t Be Dumb, is finished. That was obviously before he and Rihanna found out they were expecting again so the release plans may have been adjusted. She did join him on tour in Europe last summer though, so it’s possible that he’ll drop it once the baby arrives and follow up with some performances afterwards. 


For Rihanna though, for the foreseeable future, it’s maternity leave. She’ll soon have two children a year apart – it’s a lot for anyone, even a superstar.