These photos of Rihanna goofing around in a fancy ball pit with her niece Majesty could be screengrabs from a music video. Demi Lovato wishes. Seriously, these photos of Rihanna and Majesty in Milan are too cute but they also perfectly lit and the perfect ad for the launch of Fenty Beauty’s “Beach, Please” line including the Fairy Bomb glittering pom pom. I have no idea what a glittering pom pom is but I want it. I want it all over my body while I roll around in a pit of balls and pink glitter. 

This is the power of Rihanna. Along with the glitter-whatever-bomb-I’ll-take-seven-please, Fenty Beauty’s launch in Milan was in honour of the line’s accompanying Body Lava, available today. It’s a shimmering body lotion which is supposed to leave your skin glistening with a bronze glow. If it was any other line, I’d call bullsh-t but look at Rihanna in this little black Versace dress. I don’t particularly care for the dress but she looks f-cking phenomenal (THAT FACE) and her skin is totally glistening, isn’t it? She is a walking commercial and it’s WORKING. Again, I’ll take seven, please. 

Fenty’s Body Lava comes in two shades, Brown Sugar and Who Needs Clothes, and the slogan has been, “glo up from the toe up.” This dress doesn’t really count as clothes and Rihanna is absolutely glowed up from the toes all the way up so again, she is smartly using her own body to sell her product. I’m probably too old to be wearing glitter and shimmering sh-t on my skin but I don’t care. Watch me shine bright like a diamond. 

My favourite thing about these photos is that Rihanna leaves the ball pit covered in glitter and confetti (still looking flawless, HOW?) and Majesty is glitter-free, hair bows intact, looking like, “OK Auntie, where we going next?” Dead. I can’t decide if I want to be Majesty’s Auntie or if I just want to be Majesty.