Before we get into the smell of Rihanna, I just want to take a moment to point out how fickle we are – like the internet, we are f-ckle assholes, always looking for the next hit, never loyal to the last hit. A few days ago, after Rihanna showed up at Drake’s party, everyone was like… OMG, is it possible?! And then Adele went to Drake’s birthday and now we’re shipping those two. See? Fickle. 

Back to Rihanna – she was seen at her favourite restaurant, Giorgio di Baldi, in Santa Monica the other night in gold. The place was actually closed when she arrived. Obviously you open up the kitchen if RiRi wants carbs with her girlfriends. She and her crew are now in Cabo enjoying some downtime.

Meanwhile everyone’s trying to figure out what she smells like. To be clear, people have been trying to figure this out for years. That’s the thing people always say about Rihanna when they meet her: that she smells really, really f-cking good. RiRi has never revealed her scent but the internet thinks it’s Kilian’s Love Don’t Be Shy which is why there’s like a long ass waitlist for it now. If I’m Rihanna, I’d be insulted that regulars and basics think they could smell like me. As IF. 

Anyway, despite the fact that there are 2,500 or more on the waitlist, the editors at The Cut got their hands on some samples and they’ve reviewed the fragrance which, again, isn’t THE fragrance, but it’s the one people *think* is the fragrance. Imagine if it’s not actually the fragrance though? And Kilian is getting this boost because people think they have expert noses? 

I’ve been looking for a personal fragrance for years. I thought I found it this summer at a boutique in Vancouver that imports the cutest products from South Korea. It’s from a brand called TONYMOLY. The name of the fragrance is “Howell”, I LOVE it. But now I’m halfway through the bottle and I can’t find it again. I can only find it online as a bundle with other fragrances, in a smaller amount. So I might have to start from scratch, search for a new scent. There’s a Givenchy scent that I’m super into but my friend Cynthia Loyst wears it and…it’s a dick move to steal someone’s signature scent. Unless, I guess, it’s Rihanna’s.