Rihanna and her bare bump sat front row at the Gucci fashion show. A$AP Rocky was also present. (WWD)


Once again, the darkest timeline is also the stupidest timeline. Case in point, Applebee’s is apologizing because CNN aired their ad for fried chicken alongside live updates about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. I hate it here. (DListed)

Tom Holland wants to cameo on Euphoria and now Dominic Fike is getting in on the action, teasing the possibility. It’s hardly a leap for Holland to appear on Euphoria, but who would he play? You know what would be funny, is if he popped up and insisted he’s been around the whole time, like Walt on The Afterparty. But then, Euphoria isn’t interested in anything remotely amusing, let alone proper jokes. (Popsugar)

The Fug Girls thought Rita Ora in Milan was Ashley Roberts. I don’t know for whom this is a bigger burn, but I suspect Taika Waititi. (Go Fug Yourself)


Martin Scorsese has been involved in a one-sided argument with the internet for years now about Marvel movies. Well, Francis Ford Coppola has entered the chat. He says Marvel movies are “one prototype…made over and over”. I mean, he’s not wrong. Marvel definitely has a formula. But he also talks about Dune and No Time To Die, and I think the larger problem is just that so much of popular cinema now is action movies, and action movies follow a certain rhythm and yes, will feature many of the same elements and plot beats. Anyway, I hope FFC is ready for the internet to never stop being mad at him for “insulting” Marvel movies. (Celebitchy)