Rihanna is in her fur—maybe faux—era. (Go Fug Yourself)


Lainey didn’t follow the coronation weekend because she was having a Suga concert/life experience in Chicago. I didn’t follow it because there was a shocking lack of tiaras. I mean, I get it, aristocrats breaking out the big gun jewels during a cost of living crisis wouldn’t go over well, but also…the sheer, total lack of glamor! Princess Kate’s headpiece was nice and all, but oh, I LONGED to see something like the Devonshire tiara! Anyway, Charles’s slimmed-down monarchy is here, and ugh. So unglamorous. (Celebitchy)

When people say “don’t pit women against each other”, this is what they’re talking about. Beyonce’s Renaissance tour might outsell Taylor Swift’s Eras tour by as much as half a billion dollars. But at the end of the day, they’re still the two top driving forces in pop music, with the two biggest tours, and they’re both making money hand over fist. Why reduce it to box office? I know why, but still. It’s reductive. (DListed)


OF COURSE the New York Times came through the door with an Elizabeth Holmes puff piece, a blatant attempt to rehab Holmes’ image and help keep her out of jail. Oh, but she has children! There are a lot of incarcerated mothers, and a great many of them are even innocent. Holmes isn’t. Send the blonde lady to jail already. (Pajiba)

Skip Hollandsworth is an automatic read for me, and he has a new article out this month. It’s a profile of Kimberly Mata-Rubio, whose daughter, Alexandria Aniyah Rubio, was killed at Robb Elementary School. It’s a tough read but it’s an intimate portrait of not only (unimaginable) grief, but also what it’s like to be trapped inside America’s bullsh-t cyclone of gun violence and school shootings. It’s also a portrait of survival, though, and finding the way forward after devastating loss. (Texas Monthly)