Rihanna doing business and Handsome Hassan

Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 16, 2019 15:32:31 April 16, 2019 15:32:31

I half expected Rihanna to show up at Coachella this weekend. It’s not like she’s a stranger there. And when Rihanna goes to Coachella she turns it into a fashion moment. You remember her outfits from 2018?


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Last year she was seen front row at Beychella. This year Childish Gambino was headlining and their film, Guava Island, was released at the same time. If she was there, then, she would have had a reason. Instead she stayed in New York, probably working. Either on the new album or on all of her other business. Rihanna has a lot of business. As we know, she has a deal with LVMH to create her own fashion house. Last week Page Six reported that she’s filed trademark applications for Fenty Skin, so a skincare line is on the way. She’s shown us what she can do with makeup, of course there’s no doubt her skincare products will be bestsellers too. Not only because she has great skin but also because, for the most part, she understands that a line isn’t complete unless it serves as many people as possible. Basically Rihanna is coming for your coins, again. 

In other Rihanna news, Hassan Jameel, or as Kathleen calls him “Handsome Hassan”, was with her in New York – they were seen out for dinner the last few nights. I’m also attaching shots of Hassan out in NYC today because I feel like we rarely get shots of him in daylight. It’s often so dark when they’re out you can’t make out his features and that’s a shame, look at him, he is SO HOT.

Back to Guava Island for a minute though – have you seen it yet? It’s like an extended music video, with social commentary but that doesn’t take away from the fun. Much of the fun is the visuals – the film is gorgeous, bright, you can almost feel the heat coming off the screen and smell the sweat and the joy and the LIFE in every shot. There’s once scene where Donald Glover is singing to Rihanna that is so sweet and so sexy that you’ll for sure rewind it at least five times.  


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