Rihanna announced yesterday that her makeup line, Fenty Beauty, will be launching in the fall.


You ready? @fentybeauty new generation of beauty... coming this FALL!

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head over to FENTYBEAUTY.com and send me your email address to join the @fentybeauty family!!

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I don’t usually get too excited about makeup because my eyes are boring and there’s not much to do to them beyond liquid liner and the occasional false eyelash. However, I do care about lipstick. And Rihanna knows a good lipstick – in particular, Rihanna knows a good DARK lip. I love a dark lip. I’m talking deep purple, sometimes black. A really, really strong red with some blue. So it’s her lip line that I can’t wait to see. Apparently the first lip look will be holographic? A holographic lip is like a wet lip, a true wet lip. Click here to see some examples. You’ll note, most of those are in the pastel or the jewel tone family. If Rihanna comes out with a black or rich blue holograph lip I’m going to lose my mind.

Last week the NYT posted an article about Rihanna and the lessons we can learn from how she’s branded her style. She’d just been given an award from the Parsons School of Design. And while she’s far from the first celebrity to have branched out into fashion, few have been recognised the way Rihanna has been recognised. Rihanna has her own label with Puma. But she also has collaborations with other major labels, including Dior. But unlike other Dior ambassadors, like Charlize Theron and Jennifer Lawrence, she never has to exclusively wear Dior. Charlize and Jennifer have to wear Dior to the big events – the Oscars, the Golden Globes, etc. Rihanna can wear whatever the f-ck she wants, sometimes Dior, oftentimes something else.

“She has a quite unique ability to do it all at the same time,” said Burak Cakmak, the dean of fashion at Parsons. And he is referring not just to her own creativity, but also to her ability to get the global brands with whom she works to agree to her (very flexible) terms. This has never really happened before.”

HER terms. Her VERY FLEXIBLE terms. She’s a f-cking boss, non?

It’s a good piece, breaking down why Rihanna is such an exception, with a nod to Kanye West’s contribution to the new celebrity-fashion business model and, ultimately, asking what Rihanna’s example means for the industry overall.

Yesterday Rihanna celebrated the 10 year anniversary of Good Girl Gone Bad.

Ten years is a long time. But it also doesn’t seem like that long ago? Think of all she’s done though. And also all that’s happened to her – the good and the bad. Think of what she’s moved on from. And how far she’s moved on from it. So that f-cking jackass who tried make her body a story the other day? Not a story at all.

The story is this amazing white shirt dress she wore yesterday. And how I wish it could happen to me but I know I could never.