Did you see the video of A$AP Rocky dashing into the hotel after Rihanna had arrived… when other people were leaving? Well after so many others had already left? She was entering the hotel, not even close to being dressed, with her baby and her team, well past 7pm. 


And then Rocky showed up like this:


If you were watching the livestream, La La kept trying to tell people that there was someone worth waiting for without naming who it was that we were waiting for even though we all knew who we were waiting for. And then they had to shut down the livestream and people were freaking out about Rihanna not showing but, like, at this point, why is anyone still expecting her to come on time to anything? If Rihanna’s not on time for the Oscars, which is a live network television broadcast, who is out here thinking she’s on anybody else’s schedule for the Met Gala, an event that pretty much belongs to her?

Some of our producers were texting me all like, OMG Rihanna isn’t going to be there and I was like – of course she’ll be there, she just doesn’t give a sh-t about Vogue and Anna Wintour’s goddamn timeline. And then she exited the hotel in a fur coat (vintage Fendi 1997, originally worn by Naomi Campbell) and made her way to the carpet. 


Where she then unveiled the Valentino. A cape with 30 giant camellias, worth the wait for this shot alone. Another legendary moment: 


Rocky’s fit, meanwhile, was all custom Gucci, including the kilt, a tribute to Karl Lagerfeld in 2004 except Rocky wore his over jeans – a smart decision I will credit to Rihanna, even though I’m not actually sure: 

German designer Karl Lagerfeld (C) of French fashion giant Chanel walks with models during the 2005 spring/summer pret-a-porter collection ( TORU YAMANAKA/AFP via Getty Images)

It’s all so… beyond. Rihanna and Rocky, together, their personal connection but also their cultural connection. Like the two of them, the way the look on their own, but they we way they are when they’re together, the way he looks at her. I mean he knows, right? He must know. That she is IT. All of it. 


Back to just RiRi though because she changed later on, still on theme, but this time she let the belly out: 

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky arrive at Remedy Diner after attending a Met Gala party in New York City