Rihanna changes her hair often so it’s not like every hair change for her is newsworthy. What makes this hair change newsworthy is that she’s gone real short, shorter than she’s worn her hair in a while. As in… years? Like a really, really long time I think. 


Over a decade ago, short hair used to be Rihanna’s signature. Like around 2008/9. She went back and forth, short and mid-length to long, for a few years after that, but I’m pretty sure we haven’t seen it cropped this tight and short since around 2013/14-ish. Here she is in August 2013 after the VMAs taking a drink out of the club, as usual, LOL.

Rihanna seen on the streets of Manhattan on August 25, 2013 in New York City

It looked great then, it looks great now, and it might even look the same, which is a flex. All these years have passed and Rihanna hasn’t aged – not that she’s old (she’s 33, same age as Adele) and not that so many things haven’t changed, of course they have, but none of that wears on her face. God her face. 

Well, she knows good face. That’s why Fenty Beauty has been so successful. And there’s a new product launching that I’ll be putting on my face. And I don’t buy a lot of product for face. The most variety there is in my makeup kit is lipstick. I don’t use foundation, and my tube of concealer lasts a year or more because I only use it under the eyes. That, however, is the thing I’m constantly searching for – a better product under the eyes. Because concealer is still too thick for my liking. Which is why I was so interested in the Fenty Bright Fix Eye Brightener. Rihanna is promising light coverage. 



I mean, I know it’s a sales pitch but not all sales pitches are as effective; she’s REALLY good at the sales pitch. Everything she is telling me here I believe. I believe that there’s a blur effect. I believe that it’ll take the light and convert it to glow under the eyes, especially if you need a save from an all-nighter. So I’m on this tomorrow, and I’m especially motivated to do it because my dark eye circles are particularly bad today.