There were so many celebrities in the desert this weekend for the inaugural Vegas Grand Prix and despite all kinds of bitching and criticising in the days leading up to the race, including Max Verstappen, as usual, being a whiny punk about the whole thing, the actual event was excellent – competitive, entertaining, exactly what the sport was going for: big sport energy to match the big Vegas hype. Which, of course, is where the stars come in. And for me, two stars in particular were the standouts. 


We’ll start with Rihanna because, well, it’s Rihanna, whenever she shows up it’s a moment. On Friday she and Rocky made a surprise appearance at the launch of his new Puma x F1 collection where she rocked up in a badass long brown leather coat with heels and her hair swept up. Seemed like it was date night for the two of them because they were super cuddly throughout, enjoying their time away from the babies, throwing back a few shots. And the thing about Rihanna is, when she’s out in the wild, she’s out in the wild – as you can see here: 


On race day RiRi and Rocky were watching from the Ferrari garage.


This look though. The hair, the lip, the moto, it’s too good. It’s always too good. 

And then there’s Lupita, living her best single life right now and apparently experiencing F1 for the first time while serving a series of looks herself. 


This striped corset with the yellow pants:


And then shutting it the f-ck down in this matching tank and shorts set with the puffer for qualifying: 


But still leaving room for race night in this siiiiick red leather vest and shorts two-piece over a Chanel t-shirt, NBD. 

I’m not going to credit the breakup for Lupita’s glow-up, which is hilarious because it’s not like LUPITA NYONG’O ever needed a glow-up. What I will say though that it’s not the loss of the man, it’s the gaining of a cat. Lupita is in cat love right now. This new gear that she’s found? It’s the effect of Yoyo the cat!