Rihanna has made Forbes billionaire list for the first time but by billionaire standards, apparently she’s a poor billionaire because she’s wayyyyy down there. The list is so long, it’s crazy to me. Crazy that there are, like, over 2500 billionaires…seriously! (Dlisted) 


I really, really like the colour combination that Helen Mirren is working with here – chartreuse and hot pink are excellent together and I think it could also be a makeup palette. Chartreuse eyes, hot pink lip. Not with the outfit obviously, but when the clothes are more neutral, that’s a fun way to pump up the overall look. I will try and report back. (Go Fug Yourself) 

The Queen eats hamburgers but without the bun, so let’s revive the debate: can you call it a hamburger if it doesn’t have a bun? Isn’t it just called a burger patty?! Look, I get that we all have our dietary needs and preferences. But I also think we should just refer to things by their name. For example, you know how people substitute cauliflower for wings? Great. Not opposed to it. And I enjoy it too, when the cauliflower is fried, it tastes good – and if it comes with a good dipping sauce, I’m super happy. But it’s not wings! It’s fried cauliflower! Why are we calling it wings??? (Cele|bitchy) 


Who is the most attractive man in the world? Everyone has a different answer. But here’s part two – no matter who your answer is, would they look good in a speedo? I don’t think I’ve ever been attracted to someone wearing a speedo, let alone a denim speedo. (OMG Blog) 

This is an article by JJ Goode about my two favourite topics: food and sh-t. Which are related but no one wants to relate them, understandably, but you can’t deny… when there’s food, there is sh-t. So, obviously, I read every word and I wish we could talk more about the types of food we eat and their corresponding sh-ts. Like I could totally write an essay about how cabbage sh-ts are different from kale sh-ts and this will never not be fascinating to me. (Eater)