It’s kinda old school, the way Rihanna works a carpet at one of her events. So many celebrities these days, whether it’s at movie premieres or product launches, even though it’s to promote their own projects, do the posing but don’t stop to talk to the reporters gathered on the other side of the rope. Especially celebrities of Rihanna’s status. There are very few stars at her level – and so I go back to what I’ve always said about her approach to business: she is, by these standards, pretty accessible. She doesn’t blow past the microphones. If she’s there to sell something, she’s there to sell, with as much energy as she can give it. 


Last night Rihanna was at the London launch party for her latest part of FENTY x PUMA Creepers, the Fatty Earth Tone. If you’ve been on social media, you’ll see that she had time for reporters upon arrival. Here’s RiRi talking to Entertainment Tonight about her kids: 


Here’s Rihanna talking about her Bravo addiction: 


So many celebrities watch Housewives and Vanderpump – Rihanna’s in this club with, among others, Jennifer Lawrence who seems like she has a PhD in Bravo. Fantasy podcast idea: 

RiRi and JLaw co-host one of those recap/analysis shows. I’ve not watched a single episode of any of these series but I would listen to that pod. 


Anyway, back to Rihanna and how she chooses to engage on these occasions – there’s a spontaneity to it that’s one of the secrets to her appeal. You don’t get the sense that she’s come to an event with prepared talking points or messaging from her people. SHE is the message, being Rihanna is the talking point. And, yes, she knows she’ll be asked about the music…and she knows exactly when to drop a tease: 


That answer will probably stir up another round of frenzy and anticipation about whether or not new music is coming. 

Speaking of music, though, Rihanna met Arya Starr last night. Can you imagine what it would have meant, as a young artist on the rise, for her to meet one of her heroes…and for Rihanna to know her, to tell her that she’s been paying attention, that she loves her work? 


There was a moment captured on camera between them where Rihanna asks Arya about teaming up with Tems and then, at the end, listen to what RiRi tells her: 

I don’t think she’s playing either. She’s been saying for a long time that she’s been gathering sounds so there’s definitely a file folder that she’s editing and picking and choosing from. And I wonder, eventually, whether it’s this year or next year, or five years from now, who she’ll be collaborating with. Remember SZA on ANTI? That was over eight years ago. And now look at SZA’s trajectory.