Forbes released its list of the 15 Richest Celebrity Women last week. Oprah Winfrey was at the top, with a net worth of $2.5 billion, which is over a billion more than the woman who was #2 on the list, Rihanna. Rihanna’s net worth is $1.4 billion but what will the list look like in five years? 


Because Oprah who is 69 years old right now was 49 years old when she first became a billionaire in 2003. Rihanna got there two years ago when she was 33. So by the time she’s Oprah’s age, or well before, she could have many more millions, considering what she’s been able to do with Fenty Beauty in just over five years. It’s not like there’s any chance the culture is going to be less interested in beauty in the future, right? 

Here's Rihanna out for dinner yesterday and you don’t need to ask me where, because by now you should know where. Where else?! 

Let’s talk instead about this fit. Ugh, it’s so good. And all she’s wearing is a tracksuit. A black satin designer men’s tracksuit. Worn with heels and a popping red lip, dripping in jewels and good taste. Not because she’s a billionaire, but it’s why she’s a billionaire.