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I was just thinking about Rihanna when I posted about Gigi Hadid and the Victoria’s Secret event yesterday because Victoria’s Secret’s new docuseries promoting their collection will be streaming on Prime later this month. Prime, of course, is where RiRi streams the annual Savage x Fenty show. We haven’t heard about a Savage x Fenty presentation for 2023, at least I haven’t seen anything about it and I just checked the Instagram and there’s no promotion for it. Presumably, then, VS has taken the Savage x Fenty spot, doing what Rihanna did first while she’s skipping a year because she just gave birth to her second child. 


And speaking of her second child…

It took a year for us to find out the name of her first child, RZA. It’s been just a month though and we now know the name of RZA’s sibling: Riot Rose. The Blast first reported that baby Riot has rounded out the “R” names in his family. Rihanna, Rocky, RZA, and Riot. I’ve consulted The Name Therapist, Duana, for her quick thoughts but we haven’t heard back at the time of this writing so I’ll just have to step in for her with an assessment which is … I LOVE IT SO MUCH. 

“Riot” is the name of a track A$AP Rocky released in July. Riot is unusual enough but not super weird, it’s cool as f-ck because, I mean, look where he comes from, and even if his personality isn’t necessarily riotous… well then he’d be a …

Quiet Riot!


Anyway, back to the work – Rihanna may or may not be doing a Savage x Fenty show this year but it doesn’t mean she’s entirely out of the fashion game for the season. Fenty x Puma is back!


I want the silver ones, OMG. 

Fenty x Puma Is Back Rihanna Dishes on Her New Sneaker Design
(Courtesy Fenty x Puma)

Of the new Avanti, Rihanna told Vogue that the shoe is inspired by Pele and they’re expanding to kids. Obviously the first pair of kids Avantis we’re going to see will be on RZA? 

Rihanna has yet to emerge since giving birth to Riot. I’m curious when she’ll come back outside. 

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