My all-time favourite photos of Rihanna are the ones where she has a drink in hand. There are many. There are so many photos of Rihanna leaving various establishments while still clutching half-full glasses of wine that there are entire Twitter threads dedicated to Rihanna’s signature accessory… like this one:

Rihanna has been touring around the world promoting Fenty Beauty. Last week, Lainey wrote about the impact of Fenty Beauty’s inclusivity and how its success is due in large part to Rihanna putting in the work. Fenty Beauty is a massive hit. Over the weekend, while Rihanna was launching Fenty Beauty in Spain, there were rumours that she filed a new trademark to expand her empire into skincare. Yes, please. Since yesterday, the rumours escalated to “Rihanna is launching her own wine!” because of more trademark filings.

Who are these RiRi stans keeping up to date with trademarks? I aspire to get to this level of standom. My love for Rihanna would push me to buy her brand of wine, even if I usually think celeb-run alcohol brands are inauthentic money-grabs. There is a lot of photographic evidence that Rihanna’s affection for wine is authentic. I trust her judgement. If I was out for dinner with Rihanna, I would defer to her when it came to ordering the wine. Fenty Beauty makes complete sense as a business endeavor for Rihanna, the pop star with the seemingly perfect skin. A skincare line to follow that up also makes sense. Her collab with Puma? Also, very on brand. As much as I’m on board for Rosé by Rihanna though, alcohol doesn’t exactly seem like the next logical step in the business plan. And it might not be. A few sites have pointed out that the “Fenty Estates Wine and Spirits Company” was filed by a company based in Delaware, not Rihanna’s team. Turns out fans aren’t the greatest at keeping up with trademark law. Who knew?
Maybe they should stick to dedicating Twitter threads to Rihanna double-fisting appetizers at parties.

Who’s trademarking the Fenty Estates Apps and Hors d'oeuvres Company? Can I get in on that?

Here’s Rihanna in Madrid, looking stupidly flawless in a pink crop top and a white midi skirt by Ukranian designer Marianna Senchina. Vogue calls the brand’s designs, “uber-feminine and flouncy creations.” How does Rihanna make “uber-feminine and flouncy” also look badass and edgy?