You know what the cast of Ocean’s 8, minus Rihanna, got asked about over and over again during the junket? Rihanna, of course. Even among stars she is THE star. Sarah Paulson joked about peeing herself when she met her. As I mentioned yesterday, all Rihanna has to do is show up. Because when she does, it’s a guaranteed sellable moment. Don’t worry, she’ll come through. 

And here’s how: in Givenchy, easily my favourite fashion moment from the premiere last night. God this dress. It’s like wearable calla lilies, maybe that’s why I love it so much, because that was my wedding bouquet – a bunch of calla lilies in exactly this colour, deep wine almost purple. But without the effect of liquid metal. So she’s part garden part Terminator and that’s how this look avoids being just another flouncy piece of prettiness. You need that edge, that weirdness, that borderline deviation that makes it unusual and even slightly grotesque. I’m obsessed. 

That goes for Sarah too. This is why I wanted to link them, because she has also given us so many fashion moments by avoiding wearing what’s safe. This neon yellow/green Prada is far from safe. The borings would call it “Big Bird” – what, like you don’t think she would have known that? This is the point. Sarah Paulson’s not walking out of her hotel room all like, oh, this is …subtle. Nobody picks a dress like this if they’re not deliberately leaning into the obnoxiousness of it. If they’re not f-cking GOING for it. 

Why wouldn’t you go it when you’re repping an all-broad heist movie with a high profile summer box office release date? Of course you go for it.