Dear Gossips,

This happened a few days ago but I feel like we need some friendship today. Rihanna friendship but enhanced by a sneak MVP. Let me explain. 

Have you seen the clips of Rihanna on The Graham Norton Show with Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Sarah Paulson, and Helena Bonham Carter? I mean of course any time you add Rihanna on the couch and the conversation, it’s going to be better. The moments are going to be there. Like when they were talking about the Met Gala and HBC said she’s never been before and this happened:

Friendship! Right?

This seems to be how they all vibe off each other. Remember Cate and Sarah on The Today Show a few weeks ago? And they spent the whole time dragging each other? That’s what it’s like when they’re all hanging. Pure jokes the whole time. Which, of course, only adds to the envy. As IF any of us have the cred to roll with them like that. As IF any of us have the cred to take a joke from Rihanna like that. It’s HBC. She’s f-cking earned it. 

You know who the MVP of the group is though? It’s Sarah Paulson. She’s always, always in the mix. Watch Sarah when Rihanna talks about whether or not she’s working on a new album. And not just when she starts shouting “Ella, ella!” in Rihanna’s face, which, LOLOLOLOL, but also at the end, when she starts couch-dancing and swinging her chain around. She’s the BEST. 


And the two of them together, Rihanna and Sarah, is the best. It’s making me want a movie, just these two, with the way they play off each other. Like here - when it’s Sarah’s turn to tell her story about the Met Gala and Rihanna’s reaction to finding out that Sarah was cockblocked by Madonna:


See that? Rihanna’s jabbing Sarah, poking her, giggling her the whole time. And Sarah too, throughout the entire interview and not just here, is tapping Rihanna’s leg, resting her hand on her leg - she’s FUN, if anyone knows fun it’s Rihanna. Who recognises it in Sarah. Friendship! 

If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the part when they talk about Rihanna’s Met Gala moments:


And her wineglass thing:


I could have watched a whole week of this. 

Yours in gossip,