Of course, she isn't. Rihanna and Prince Harry met in Barbados in 2016. For World AIDs Day, they got tested together and attended a celebration for the 50th Anniversary of Barbados's Independence. That's it. As far as we know, that was Rihanna and Harry's only interaction and she has never met Meghan Markle. 

And yet, a reporter asked Rihanna if she was invited to the royal wedding. It was a dumbass question but I am not mad at this reporter. Without the question, we wouldn't have this peak Rihanna response - quite possibly my favourite answer to a question she's ever given. 

Didn't she tell you that she was a savage? Do you think this reporter has lost the confidence to ask another human being a question ever again in life? Rihanna was not mean to this reporter but she was blunt, no bullsh-t, and very on brand. 

"You've met me. You think you're coming to my wedding?" 

DEAD. This will be Rihanna's response one day when Drake slides into her DMs (he won't have her number) and invites her to his wedding. The delivery is the best part. Rihanna flippantly equates the significance of meeting Prince Harry to spending 30 seconds with a reporter on the red carpet. When Lainey wrote about Harry and RiRi's meeting, she said it looked like Harry was the more starstruck one. She was right. Rihanna doesn't give a sh-t about the royals. She says she didn't know when the wedding was and I believe her. Rihanna doesn't have the time to keep up with the monarchy. She's too busy being a Princess in her own right and building a f-cking empire. 

For anyone who actually thought Rihanna would get an invite to the wedding, if you were Meghan Markle, would you want RIHANNA there on the day when all eyes are supposed to be on you? Please. When Rihanna is anywhere, all eyes are on Rihanna. Even IF RiRi and Harry were friends (they clearly aren't), there was no way she was going to that wedding anyway. I am now mildly obsessed with picturing the headwear Rihanna would rock at a royal wedding though.