Rihanna was home in Barbados at the beginning of the month for the Crop Over Festival. Since then, she’s been pretty quiet. No new photos of herself on Instagram in over 3 weeks. A couple of weeks ago she was spotted in London, leaving Chiltern with her boyfriend Hassan Jameel. Last night she was once again photographed in London, this time leaving The Arts Club in all denim. Photographers did not see Hassan though that doesn’t mean he wasn’t there. She’s probably been there this whole time, in London, with him. And had she not hit up two fairly high profile venues, we probably wouldn’t even know she was there. Rihanna and Hassan were supposedly dating for up to 6 months before it became public. She knows how to stay quiet when she wants to. And it’s been a relatively quiet end of summer for her so far. That will probably end soon. Fenty Beauty, her makeup line, is launching on September 8th. And her clothing line, Fenty X PUMA will show on September 10 at New York Fashion Week. Back to school, back to work.

But first…before you move on to the next post, another article I want to share. A few days ago I read this gorgeous essay by Percy Zvomuya about the “defiant witch-woman” and her roots in southern African culture, a figure who “comes back again and again…to menace the landscapes of patriarchy” and Percy posits that her current form, for these times, is none other than Rihanna. I don’t think Rihanna would be mad at that.