Rihanna and A$AP Rocky stepped out again late at night in New York on Friday and the conversation is about her style. Worn with a short black denim skirt, these are pants… but boots? Vogue called these “2023’s Most Divisive Shoe”. They’re Y/Project and it’s not the first time she’s stepped out in the label so she’s obviously into the brand and their signature. 

But what works for Rihanna does not work for…almost anyone else? 


If I wore these, at 5 ft 3, they’d take over my whole body. I’d look like a child clomping around in grownup shoes – and while I don’t have issues dressing like a child, this is about proportion. My proportions aren’t suited to this. But also… with my proportions, I need a lot of leg exposure. Which is why I’m always walking around in the shortest pussy-flashing sh-t I can possibly find. You’ll never see my tits, but you may see my cooch. This is my style lane: covered up on top, all skin on the bottom. And Rihanna’s boots are not serving that energy. 

While we’re here though and talking about boots, have you see what Kim Kardashian posted? She wore thigh-high boots to the gym: 

It’s ridiculous, she knows it’s ridiculous. But also to my point about skin coverage, Kim’s not wearing these like RiRi who’s covering top and bottom. Kim compensates for the leg coverage by minimal coverage everywhere else. As Cynthia Loyst said in our meeting at The Social this morning, the way she’s going about this breakup with Pete Davidson, it’s almost like he broke up with her.