Yesterday, Lainey wondered where Rihanna was jetting off to just days before the Met Gala, and now we know—she went to Las Vegas for CinemaCon. 


There, she appeared on stage during the Paramount presentation to announce her involvement in a new animated Smurfs movie. She is a producer, and will voice Smurfette, and also provide new, original music for the film. She previously did this for the 2015 animated film Home, voicing a character and producing a concept album for that film with three original songs from Rihanna, including “Dancing in the Dark”—the only thing about that film anyone remembers. What if her ninth album is just the soundtrack to the Smurfs?


Presumably, Rihanna will still make it to the Met Gala on Monday. CinemaCon isn’t like Comic Con, which comes with full press days, it’s an in-and-out situation for talent. But since I’m thinking about fashion and Rihanna, I have to mention her outfit. It’s a denim sack dress with denim boots that appear to also be pants. It’s a concerning amount of denim. Don’t get me wrong, she looks great, because Rihanna can wear anything and make it work. But it’s just so much denim. At least we know she’s gotten denim out of her system before Monday.