According to the paps, Rihanna went out for dinner by herself last night at San Vicente Bungalows, a members club. She could have been meeting someone not famous and the whole point of San Vicente is that no one is supposed to really know what’s happening inside. So it’s possible that she wasn’t alone but since we can’t know for sure, and neither Rocky nor Melissa were with her, we’ll just operate on that basis for now.


Because I love a solo dinner. And that’s exactly what RiRi might have needed. She’s been pretty quiet the last few months since Riot was born, understandably. There are now two babies at home, and going from one to two is an adjustment, which is an understatement. Sometimes a girl just needs to take herself out and eat a full meal, all the courses, all the desserts, in peace. Parent or not, I don’t know why people, especially women, don’t do this more often. 


Last year I went to London for a week just me. It was the BEST. It felt like I was dating myself. I was on my own schedule, I sat alone and either people watched or brought a book. It felt good to not… talk to anyone, lol. And it wasn’t just that I was only talking to myself either – most of the time I wasn’t talking to myself either. Sometimes the way to get out of your own head is to… be on your own? I don’t know how that makes sense but if you’ve ever done it, you understand the experience. 

This is how I imagine it was for Rihanna last night. And of course since she’s Rihanna, and Rihanna was on a date with Rihanna, she looked great for Rihanna. Makeup on point, outfit on point, everything on point.