Rihanna’s Navy is constantly on her about new music, and it’s been five years since ANTI came out so they’re well past impatient. So she teased them the other day…and then mitigated their expectations. Excellent fan management. (Dlisted) 


Andrew Sanford calls Maya Rudolph a genius here – and this is correct. She is a genius, of course she crushed that challenge, and she continues to be underrated. Maya Rudolph makes everything better. Period. (Pajiba) 

Wow. Let’s revisit Lucy Liu’s dress at the Oscars in 2000 because it’s spectacular and I’m not usually one for a red dress. What I like about this red dress is that it’s not one shade of red but several, in a pattern, so it functions like a print. And red is so much more fun to me in dress form when it’s presented in a print. It also helps that this is the most amazing fit on her. And I also love the choice to go with straight hair. It worked 21 years ago, it works now, and it’ll still work in 21 years too. (Go Fug Yourself) 


I can’t wait to watch Oprah’s interview with Amanda Gorman this weekend. Obviously it won’t generate the same headlines but there’s time. Amanda Gorman’s only three months into her career in the spotlight. And at 23 years old, she’s going to be teaching us for a long, long time. (Cele|bitchy) 

Well I don’t know what happened here. I did this quiz that asks you to describe through several questions how you speak and somehow they told me I’m from New York? I am not from New York. I certainly don’t speak like I’m from New York, unlike Ryan Gosling, LOL. I do live in the same time zone as New York… is that what we’re getting at here?! (Buzzfeed)