Rihanna stepped out a couple of times this long weekend, and in style…as usual. She and A$AP Rocky were seen in New Jersey celebrating his 35th birthday where she wore denim on denim and a white shirt open over an exposed bra and then last night it was back in NYC in head to toe luxury: Bottega Veneta bag, Dries Van Noten coat. But you know what I think is underappreciated about Rihanna? Jewellery. All those chains in the denim look and a relatively simple (but probably very expensive) diamond necklace with that trench. Her jewellery instincts, as it is with all her fashion instincts, are excellent. 


These sightings came just as Rihanna was trending on social media – because of Drake. He dropped his new album, For All The Dogs, on Friday morning and on a track called “Fear of Heights”, these lyrics are, in my opinion, and everyone else’s, clearly about RiRi: 

Is this how you claim you’re not obsessed…by being obsessed? 


While everyone else was talking about Drake not being able to stop talking about her though, Rihanna remains unbothered. That’s part of what his problem is, non? 

Since her mind is definitely not on him then, here’s a suggestion for where she can put her mind. Because earlier I posted about Princess Kate and her outdated makeup. Can Rihanna send her some Fenty Beauty? And a few links to her tutorials? Because imagine the improvement on Kate if she was using some of RiRi’s product. Just the blurring skin tint would help. And blend, girl. BLEND.