Rita Moreno covers Town & Country and the photos are STUPENDOUS. She’s photographed by Ruven Afanador, but these photos wouldn’t be amiss in an Avedon portfolio. Great, classic glamor photography. (Go Fug Yourself)


Rosie O’Donnell apologized on TikTok for assuming that Priyanka Chopra’s dad is wellness guru Deepak Chopra (he isn’t). She also referred to Priyanka—one of the most recognizable, famous people on the actual planet—as “the Chopra wife”, and made a Nobu pun. So, lots going on there. (DListed)

“The Queen Died” trended on Twitter last night because some guy blatantly baiting clicks for his site published a (tacky) obit and now won’t back down, even though, had the queen actually passed away, there would have been all kinds of official announcements by now. Anywho, the queen IS stressing about how bad this year has been for her family so far. Truly, a time to rival the 1990s. (Celebitchy)

Tom Holland did one of those puppy interviews, and it is VERY cute. He’s still a bit young for my taste, but the longer hair is…doing something. He almost looks like a grownup. (OMG Blog)

The ever-incredible Roxana Hadadi wrote a binge guide for Euphoria, in case you’re late to the bandwagon and want to catch up. She also makes a case for it being a fancy soap opera, which it totally is (and so is Succession). (Vulture)