Rita Moreno at the Oscars – did you see her dress? Do you know the story behind the dress? It was the same dress she wore when she won her Oscar in 1962, with some minor modifications. More confirmation that she’s better than all of us. Fifty years later and she can still wear her old clothes – a testament to her everlasting amazingness but also to the design. Because we’ve all seen dresses these days that would not hold up, not in construction and definitely not in style. (Dlisted)  

I don’t know why you would even bother with the “skirt” part of this dress. It’s completely useless. And I’m not being facetious. Seriously, if you took away that fabric – which is really cheap looking in that colour, like the material they use to make Barbie clothes – the outfit turns into a pretty badass romper, non? Picture it. With those embellished shoulders and all that criss-crossing? It would be a GREAT romper! (Cele|bitchy)  

Michelle Obama talked about her sleepover at Queen Elizabeth’s. And she managed to make it through the night without Big G sneaking up on her and punking her just before dawn. My favourite detail about all this? It’s that Michelle Obama acknowledges that we gossip. We all gossip. She gossips. The Queen gossips. She and the Queen gossiped. WHAT DID THEY GOSSIP ABOUT, OH MY GOD. (Pop Sugar)  
I have to present an award tonight at the Canadian Screen Awards and now I am freaking out because I’m worried that what happened to Lil Rel Howery and Kumail Nanjiani will happen to me. No. Wait. It won’t. Because they will also likely have cue cards prepared for me. Cue cards were not prepared for Lil Rel and Kumail. They’re not usually prepared for anyone at televised award shows. Because it doesn’t look good. But, really, how bothered would you be if award show presenters came out on stage holding cue cards? It’s not like anyone still thinks these people are doing it from memory, right? (Pajiba)  

Remember when Chris Martin used to book it away from Gwyneth Paltrow when they were married if any photographers were around? Now he has a golf cart at his disposal to take off on Dakota Johnson when the paps are around. Maybe it wasn’t the paps, though. Maybe it was all planned that way because she had to walk her dog. Still. It’s not like he doesn’t have a documented history of it. (TMZ) 

As you know, the Oscars are the highest profile event for major design houses to highlight their pieces. So now that the Oscars are over, who are the winning and losing brands? Which labels were represented the best…and the most? If you had asked me a week ago, I never, ever, ever would have predicted that Gucci would be one of the losers. Maybe even the biggest loser. But you know, I don’t think Chanel did too well either. Chanel is selective. Chanel usually only dresses one person. Two if both are major, major, major names. We’ve seen muuuuuuuch better Chanels in the past than what Margot Robbie wore. That dress was SO underwhelming. (The Hollywood Reporter)