If you were watching the Oscar pre-show on E!, I think you know what I’m talking about, right? Riz Ahmed and his wife, Fatima Farheen Mirza, at the arrivals wall making their red carpet debut. In case you missed it, Riz and Fatima were quietly married last year. He only revealed this back in January 2021. Fatima is a writer. Her 2018 book A Place for Us made the New York Times bestseller list and was considered by many to be on the best books of the year.  


This is the moment that Twitter lost it over:  

 Apparently he calls himself the official “groomer”. As the headlines described it, everyone “swooned”. I sent this to Sasha the moment I saw it and she got horny too. And then we all looked to our husbands. Who would not f-cking notice if our hair wasn’t right and definitely wouldn’t have helped to adjust it to ensure the most choice pictures. It’s also the way she looks into his eyes, and since his back to us we can only imagine the look he’s giving back to her. I could write a whole romance series about these three seconds. 


I could also write a romance based on how beautiful he is. Riz is one of several men on the carpet last night who went without a bow tie, rocking up in a mock turtleneck. SO good. But Sasha pointed out something about Fatima that’s even more noteworthy – the grey in her hair does not look intentional, it’s natural from over a year of being in lockdown. This is COVID grey. At the Oscars. She would have known that she’d be going to the Oscars and she did not bother to go to the salon. That is a flex! No wonder this man signed up to be her groomer. I would have applied for that job too.